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ho We Work With

Our Clients

  • General Motors Corporation
  • Wyeth Pharmaceutical
  • Daimler Financial
  • The Michigan Golf Foundation & Hall of Fame
  • The City of Farmington Hills
  • Farmington Public Schools
  • Armenian Relief Society
  • St. John's Armenian Church

Other Resources

The team at LA Productions understands the definition of customer service, is recognized for excellence in that area, and is the main reason I purchased their services for our staffing needs. The attention to detail, response to a customer’s requests and dependability led to the highest utilization percentage ever achieved in the facility. I know this had to max out the workload, however there was never a lapse in professionalism.

The customer survey scores and comments for staffing are very impressive. From my standpoint, they do an outstanding job and I feel very fortunate and proud to have worked so successfully with them.

Jack E. Butler
Manager, Learning Environments
General Motors Corporation

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